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"Never Fade Away" Wins Best Song!

The Akademia Music Awards chose "Never Fade Away" the Best Christian Alternative Song in November! I'm so honored by the recognition and want to thank them for their kind words:

'Beautifully melodic with poetically honest lyrics and transcendent vocals, 'Never Fade Away' is a faith-based song that any type of believer can relate to.'

The song was chosen as the winner from "hundreds of submissions," and their award is a real encouraging nod to a lot of hard work that went into the song. I want to thank Kevin Penner for his studio wizardry, thanks for pulling the best out of the song and myself, buddy! I'm very excited for the next single, "Higher," your magic sounds amazing on that song. Also, thanks to Nathan Keating for the excellent lyric tweak for the chorus!

With this win, "Never Fade Away" continues its great reception after becoming the Staff Pick for since it's release. Check out The Akademia's web site saluting "Never Fade Away" by clicking here, and enjoy the song! Thanks for your support, and get ready for more worship music soon!

Petri Nauha

A worship leader from Finland now living in Glendale, CA, Petri is passionate about Jesus, his wife, kids, and leading, writing and recording worship music.