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"Alive & Well" Out Now!

We are so happy to introduce to you the first ever CVCHURCH worship CD, "Alive & Well," now out on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Music! These songs were birthed for Sunday worship and will be sure to bless you everywhere you go. Here's a short story of each song, enjoy!

Alive & Well

Every couple of years we get to visit our family in Finland. We spend a couple of weeks up north in Oulu, where I was born, and a couple of weeks at my in-laws’ cabin in Southern Finland. I knew last year that God had always stirred my heart to write, but I had no idea that He planned to flood me with 10 songs! Alive & Well was completed by a beautiful lake as I was sensing God’s goodness and purpose in everything around me. The first lyrics are “No more guilt and condemnation,” and it’s a perfect opener for the CD. We are free, alive & well because of Jesus!


Before the last worship night, Joel approached me and asked if I could write a song for the theme, “Focus.” I wrote a quick, fast song that was to the point, to which he challenged me, asking for something more poetic. It inspired me to no end, and I ended up using our vision as a metaphor, asking God to be our focus, to sharpen our blurry vision and brighten our faded colors, to live the abundant life! The song is a real gift from God, it came very quickly with just a few minor tweaks with Joel.

All I Want

When we were arranging the songs for the CD, we noticed that one of them resembled another one a bit too much. Without saying a word, I started playing and singing an old song that had been sitting in my drawer for probably five years. Everybody went, “What is that?” and I just played it until the end. Needless to say it was approved, and we are thrilled to have it on the CD! The lyrics paint a picture of finally getting to a place where Jesus is everything.

Glorious Hills

Another song written at the summer cabin in Finland, “Glorious Hills” is a song about finding fulfillment in following God and His will for our lives. It’s based on the story of Moses spending time on the mountain of God and his face shining God’s glory after returning. He had to wear a hood over his head so people could come to him! My prayer is that we would all have that same glory in us to draw people to Jesus and to speak the truth in love to those who are lost.

Heaven’s Fire

I accidentally found a small group of worship songwriters on Facebook, and we ended up writing several songs together by posting videos on the wall. Someone would post a song idea, others would pounce on it, and we’d end up with finished songs quite quickly. “Heaven’s Fire” started with a piano idea by Davud A. Zade, who lives in Gothenburg, Sweden. It inspired me tremendously. We wrote the song pretty quickly, but I remember the bridge took some extra work before settling with the simple but profound statement, “Everlasting, never-ending, so amazing God.” The song calls the Holy Spirit to change our hearts so we can live for Jesus’ glory, and the more willing we become, the more amazing things we will see God do through us.

Petri Nauha

A worship leader from Finland now living in Glendale, CA, Petri is passionate about Jesus, his wife, kids, and leading, writing and recording worship music.