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The Star-Spangled Banner Live!


Who knew? When you do worship at a church, you think of leading worship songs on weekend services. Instead, our Wild Game Feed unfolded before 4,100 guys and started with a Hendrix-y rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner! It all felt great until I sneaked on stage to tune my Strat and got genuinely nervous! When we started just a few minutes later, the joy kicked in and the nerves calmed. It was a great concert, and after the national anthem we kicked things into high gear with songs like "Eye of the Tiger," "Livin' on a Prayer," and a couple of other classics wrapped up into a cool medley! The guys ate it up and we all had a great time hearing Mark "Oz" Geist of 13 Hours fame share about life, it got real!

Petri Nauha

A worship leader from Finland now living in Glendale, CA, Petri is passionate about Jesus, his wife, kids, and leading, writing and recording worship music.