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It's not every day that one gets to record an original song written with a great friend, BT Pickett, on video! Above All Names was born during a tough season of life, and it puts our hope squarely on Jesus Christ. This says it all: "Shelter in the pouring rain, Bearer of our guilt and shame, Our salvation's only name, Jesus." Watch it here!

Special thanks to my friends and players on this video, Connor Davis (drums,) Dawson Riggle (bass,) BT Pickett (keys,) and JD Roberts, (electric.) Without you guys, none of this would have succeeded! Also, Rob Mays and Sarah McDonald, you da man and woman! Praying God's best blessings on y'all!


"Above All Names" written by Petri Nauha & BT Pickett.

© 2017 Petri Nauha & BT Pickett.

All Rights Reserved.

Petri Nauha

A worship leader from Finland now living in Glendale, CA, Petri is passionate about Jesus, his wife, kids, and leading, writing and recording worship music.